Sunday, February 15, 2015

ISIS Prepare To Attack Marines - Obama Sits Idle


Always On Watch said...

BHO is out on the damn golf course today -- in California.

He doesn't give a damn about our Marines -- that's the ugly bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the Enemy's 'plant' (acting prez and fellow acting administration), only care about their own gravy and doing the bidding of those behind the Agenda "System" (feudal). But, who will put a 'drop of water on their tongues' when they're in Hell? Humm.

FreeThinke said...

Hey! AA!!! Good to see you back. I thought maybe you'd left us for good. Don't be such a stranger in future. We know you're on the side of the good guys.

Stay well -- and say WARM.

Average American said...

Thanks for visiting guys. I've not spent much time blogging lately, I guess because it gets me so worked up. Every day what's happening to our country gets worse and worse and I just need to cut back on my news intake so that I may remain sane. I did find a young man who has his head screwed on right though. I'll be posting his youtube message shortly.

Always On Watch said...

Blogging in the present awful time is depressing. It's a slog to keep going -- and to read/watch the news.

If the Dems sweep in again in the 2016 Elections, things will get even worse and will continue. **sigh**