Friday, September 9, 2016

Veterans Administration Budget

I am asking my friends to please use my letter posted below as written, or as a guide to write your own letter to help veterans get the medical care they were promised.  Congress will listen if they get enough voters telling them what we want.

Would you all please also pass this along in your blogs and social media friend lists?

Thank you very much for any and all help you can give.

Dear Senator/Representative,  I fully expect and will be watching for you to do ALL in your power as my Senator/Representative to  prioritize veterans over political infighting and pass a full-year funding bill for the VA.  I do NOT consider a  continuing resolution to be a viable solution!

While stop-gap appropriations may work for other federal agencies, a continuing resolution fails to provide the VA the resources it needs to meet increased health care demands and delivery of benefits. We veterans EARNED our benefits!  As we age and there gets to be more and more of us, the costs escalate and a larger budget is an absolute necessity.   A continuing resolution would also severely limit the VA’s ability to eliminate the appeals backlog, which would force veterans to wait longer for a decision on their disability compensation claims.

I am a member of The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars and I promise you---WE WILL BE WATCHING YOUR VOTES!

Joseph Vigue


Z said...

Excellent letter...I hope MANY SEND IT!! x

Average American said...

Thanks for dropping in Z.

Just as some added information, there are 21 million veterans and a little over 2 million active duty personnel in the US currently. When you add in immediate family, (parents, children, and siblings), the number of VOTING AGE Americans is approximately ONE HUNDRED MILLION!! That my friends is enough votes to win ANY election or to get anything passed----IF we can get the word out!