Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I'm an average American. I get up every day and go to work to provide for my family. I've done this all my life. For the longest time now, I've had this nagging feeling that something isn't quite right.
I've been registered as a republican for over 30 years and for the first few of those years, I thought I was where I should be. Over time however, I have come to realize that the republican party does not really give a shit about me other than for my vote. They represent the well off and big business. The democrats do a great job representing the poor, the minorities, and the illegal aliens, but....... NOBODY REPRESENTS ME!!!
Both parties tell us working stiffs that they are for us, they feel our pain, and when they get to Washington, they will fight for us. BULL SHIT!!!! It's all lip service. They tell us what they think we want to hear, and we have believed them long enough!! It's time for THE AVERAGE AMERICANS to send a real strong message. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!
Now we get to the part of my rant where I tell you what I think we can and must do to REALLY change things! My plan is to start a third political party. I'm not talking about a radical bunch of complainers or a 1 issue party, I'm talking about a legitimate 3rd choice for the millions and millions of us who are disallusioned and deserted by the main two parties.
In today's world, the Democrats cater to the lower end of society. Using every liberal welfare type program they can come up with, they make the most unfortunate of us dependant on government. In exchange for that they expect, and get, the votes from that segment. The republicans, on the other hand, cater to the upper echelon of society. They give tax breaks to the most affluent and protect big business, even giving them tax breaks when they send our jobs overseas. Of course, they get most of those votes. WHERE DOES THAT LEAVE US???
The bulk of the voting population of this great nation are stuck in the middle. Those of you that are moderate democrats, those of you who are moderate republicans, and most if not all of you who are independants should be as MAD AS I AM about this mess we find ourselves in.
Imagine if you will, a third party seating just a few Senators and Representatives in the Congress. That is not such an impossible feat, at least to start. The Senate is especially vunerable to change. As few as 6 Senators out of the 100 would end the gridlock that has been so pervasive over the last, what, 20 years? With just 6 votes, neither of the major parties would likely have the 51 votes they need to pass legislation. We would have a BIG say in what goes on.
If I have captured your interest, come back for more as I collect my thoughts. Any and all suggestions in the comments section will be read and much appreciated. Together we can make a difference!
AA (Average American)


Donald Douglas said...

Very interesting comments. I'm sure your thoughts are shared by many - even millions - of Americans.

Personally, I'm not optimistic that we'll have a third party movement, of independents or whomever may lead it. The two parties have a duopoly, and we have to work through the system.

Your post mentions the middle. I personally think the GOP better represents the middle, but society's changing. Will the middle include teachers and veterans like you, or other hardworking folks who want tradition and a little domestic and international security?

Or will the middle soon be the full multicultural classes, non-English speaking, welfare and affirmative-action demanding, La Raza-affiliating, black nationalist military-hating, Berkeley-Birkenstock netroots radicals?

I exaggerate, but not that much, given the Democratic Party's coalition today.

Are you with me, brother?

American Power

Beth said...

Have you ever heard of the Constitutional Party?

Tincantom said...

One thing is for certain unless "average Americans" do something we soon won't recognize our country. I think the country missed a good chance to change things in government when term limits didn't get passed. I will be a frequent visitor to your very interesting site.

Lista said...

Beth mentioned the Constitutional Party. What really needs to happen, though, is for a lot of these parties to unite.

I heard recently of an attempt to unite the Constitutional Party and the Independent Party. There are a lot of conservative groups that really should unite and when I say conservative, I don't mean in relation to finances. I mean in relation to the moral issues, such as Abortion and Homosexuality. May people feel that the Republican Party doesn't support these ideas anymore either.

HoosierArmyMom said...

I'm adding you to my blogroll. I myself was a life long Democrat and consider myself a Constitutional Conservative. The biggest problem with our 2 party system is that it encourages politicians to serve special interests and lobbies and therefore corruption. They make careers out of manipulating the people and not serving them. I lean toward the small government libertarian side, but not the isolationist thinking. We do live in the world at large, but should be leaders in the world and not cowtowing to it. We must stand for rightness, not appeasement. Anyway, I see lots of opportunity for some great exchanges and ideas here. You are making this blog a great "tool" for those who like to think about the end result of their voting exercise. I will proudly add you to my blogroll.

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