Friday, February 29, 2008

Six Senators

In the Introduction to this blog, I said that THE AVERAGE AMERICAN PARTY would strive to win 6 Senate seats. Considering the fact that all 50 states have the same number of Senators (2), it makes sense to me to attack the smallest population states first. That is why I think we should establish the party in those states first. There are 7 States and the District of Columbia (which has no Senators but does have Congressmen) that have populations of under 1,000,000. There are an additional 8 states which have from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 people.
The following numbers come from the 2006 American Community Survey, compiled by the U.S. Census Bureau:

Wyoming 515,004
Washington D.C. 581,530
Vermont 623,908
North Dakota 635,867
Alaska 670,053
South Dakota 781,919
Delaware 853,476
Montana 944,632
Rhode Island 1,067,610
Hawaii 1,285,498
New Hampshire 1,314,895
Maine 1,321,574
Idaho 1,466,465
Nebraska 1,768,331
West Virginia 1,818,470
New Mexico 1,954,599

It is not likely that THE AVERAGE AMERICAN PARTY will be able to effectively mount campaigns in 2008, so I don't anticipate winning anything this year. By the mid-term elections of 2010 however, I would set a tentative goal of 3 Senators and however many House seats we might be able to get. Depending on the numbers the main 2 parties achieve, we may already be able to exert some political pressure. By 2012, I would expect we should be able to capture 6 Senate seats and at least a respectible number of House seats.

Remember, there are two ways to gain these seats. The first and most obvious is to get them elected. The second way must not be overlooked or under estimated. There are already a lot of politicians holding these offices who could fit right into our party. Once we have established THE AVERAGE AMERICAN PARTY as a viable third choice, existing for the betterment of average Americans, some of these people will want to join us. It is at this point that we will know for sure that WE WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!!


Tapline said...

The concept of a third party certainly has entered my mind, and when I think of such I think of Nute, I like the way he thinks except in some areas, but they all can't be perfect. I got your address from ITM. stay well....

Tapline said...

Sorry, I got your blogpost from IM not ITM...